2 Reasons You Need A Pregnancy Belly Band

Pregnancy is special time with a mixed bunch of emotions like excitement, confusion and love. And first pregnancies are even more exciting as there is no prior experience with pregnancy, child birth or child rearing. Another confusion of being pregnant is getting to organise a whole new wardrobe. While there is credit to adding maternity wear to your closet, the pregnancy belly band will help take your pre-pregnancy pants a little bit further into 2nd and 3rd months of pregnancy.

Pelvis Correction Belt For Nursing Mothers


What is a belly band?

Maternity Belly Band
Maternity Belly Band

A belly band looks like a tube top. It is a wide circular strip of stretchy fabric, that grows with the mom’s pregnant belly.

Why should you get a belly band?

Reason1:Wear Your Pre-Pregnancy Pants Longer

Belly bands work as “wardrobe extenders” with which you can wear your pre-pregnant bottoms like pants, jeans for longer. As your tummy grows and it becomes difficult to do button up your pants and with the belly band, the buttons can be left open and the belly band can be worn over the unbuttoned bottoms. With the belly band you can put off buying maternity bottoms by a couple of months and continue to wear your favourite jeans that much longer. You can wear your stretchy pre-pregnancy tops or smart maternity tops over the this, for a stylish ‘layered top’ look.

Reason2:Provides Gentle Support & Compression 

The belly band supports the back and the belly when it starts to weigh down on you. It also provides gentle compression to the belly and this supports the uterus and reduces discomfort while you go about your daily activities. You can check out Morph’s range of belts and pillows that provide support during pregnancy and post delivery here.

Here’s Wishing You A Fashionable & Comfortable Pregnancy !

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