Are You Ready For Your Baby’s Arrival ?


No matter how much you prepare for the little one to arrive, its only natural that you feel enough has not been done. Here’s are a few tips to help you

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1. Keep The Hospital Kit Ready

Though you have been given your due date, it is almost never that the baby arrives on the exact same date. So it is better that you have your hospital kit ready well in advance. While you will be able to get most of your supplies from Morph Maternity, you can buy period panties for postpartum bleeding here.


Hospital Kit For Delivery
Hospital Kit For Delivery

Learn more about why you need Period Panties & how they work.

2. Get Ready For Nursing

Its a well established fact that nursing is good for both you and your baby.

Benefits Of Breastfeeding
Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Having these 6 breast-feeding must haves will help make the experience easier.

Learn about the right latch for breastfeeding here.

3. Make Your Home Baby Ready

Its better that you have your house cleaned up before the baby arrives, especially the room where the baby is going to stay. Avoid too many visitors in the first few weeks after the baby is born as babies are more prone to infections when they are new borns.

4. Organize Help

As little as the they are, babies are not easy work. There is constant changing, feeding, burping and general caring to be done. A few days after the baby is born, you will be in postpartum recovery yourself. If your mother, or mother-in-law or any other family member offers help, take it.

5. Prepare Yourself Mentally

No matter how much you think you are ready for the little one, there are going to be surprises. Both pleasant and tiring ones. So if you want to have that candle lit dinner, the best time is now. If you want to catch up on lots of sleep, the time is now. And while you do that, just remember its a matter of time before you and your baby will find your own little schedule that you will find comfort with.

And don’t forget to enjoy your time with your little one. They grow up sooner than you want them to. 







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