Diary of A Fashionista Mom

So, you are about to create a new life and are super excited about your pregnancy. However, thinking of getting a new wardrobe gets you little upset as you don’t want to spend that money over clothes that you may need for a couple of months. The concept of pregnancy clothing has changed in leaps and bounds. Indeed, Pregnancy Fashion has been inspired by Pregnant Celebrities and has undergone revolutionary alterations. You get pregnancy Dresses, Pants, Tops and Kurtis in both offline as well as online stores. Here is a take on the fashionable clothes for moms-to-be on the whole.

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Pregnant Celebrities
Pregnant Celebrities


More on Fashionable Maternity Clothes

Gone are the days when motherhood and style did not go hand in hand. These days, more and more moms are breaking from this stereotypical norm and investing in fashion. That does not mean you have to be a fashion diva, but you can sport good clothes. Being a mum deprives you of your “me time” and you tend to lose yourself, but if you don’t care for yourself, who else will? You are the one that keeps the house motivated, if you go down, the house goes down. What’s the point living like this? Do not deny yourself of anything if you want to remain confident. Do not lose yourself completely and then wake up one day only to realize that you have lost it all. Your youth, time and body are all gone because you have aged faster as you have not taken care of, as you should have.


Maternity clothing and its truth

Pregnant mommies have the right to look stylish and yes there is a lot you can choose from a lot in our time. You may be thinking if you even need maternity clothes, then read our blog to know more. Remember dressing up is a way of self expression. In the same line of thoughts, we don’t want you to break your bank while looking for pregnancy clothes as well. Celebrity Fashion can encourage you, but it is not necessary to buy designer clothes like them. Just buy something comfortable and good looking that you will be wearing for the next 6 months. Again, if you are planning to get pregnant in the future, then you can make use of these clothes once more.

Tips on how to buy maternity clothes

As mentioned above, buy things that you feel comfortable in and this is the biggest resort that you seek during pregnant days. You need to make sure that the baby also feels good with your clothes and this will be the ultimate message that you would want to convey. We have found a few pointers that can lend your maternity a refreshing look. Additionally, you can use these clothes postpartum to make a style statement or stack them for your next pregnancy.

  • Concentrate on simple dressing – The above discussion hints at this very point that you must invest in minimalist dressing when you are pregnant. No seams at the waist as they make your tummy bulge out or tight fitting clothes. Your skin needs to breathe and your baby needs the space to move around freely.


  • If possible, go for layers – Yes, dressing in layers can hide the cute baby bump and keep your baby safe from evil eye. We all believe in this and some of us prefer to keep the bump under covers because of this. You could use a long cardigan or shrug for covering yourself up. Yes, this could turn out to be a savior post partum. You can browse through Morph Maternity’s range of shrugs here.


  • Go for darker colors – This is very true, as opting for darker hues will aid you in looking petite and can conceal other problem areas too. You can simply mix and match your wardrobe when required.


  • Flowing clothes – Another practical way to beat the changes in your body is to buy a few flowing pieces like maternity maxis. These clothes will hug you at the right places and accentuate areas that need to be highlighted. It could be regarded as a thoughtful buy while coping with your post partum body.


Final verdict:

See, as we the entire idea of being pregnant and suffering has transformed into a happy hour, so has the style. Sexy maternity wear, chic clothes and more have come to the fore. What we suggest is you should also make hay while the sun shines. With that said, we would like to advise to enjoy your nine months.

It is a magical period that every woman must cherish.  


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