How to Breastfeed When You Are Travelling

Travelling with little ones can be a daunting task, but when you are breastfeeding while you are travelling, it makes the situation more complex. The ultimate goal is for you and baby to be as comfortable as possible while travelling.

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Read on for breastfeeding travelling tips and products that will make the transition easy.

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1. Get Organized

The most important thing you can do to make breastfeeding easier while traveling is to be organized. The more organized you are, the easier the transition will be. Pack all of your breastfeeding items two or three days before the trip and check the materials and products at least twice to ensure you have everything you need. Things you should add in your packing list are feeding bras, nursing sleepwear, nipple cream, and nursing pads.

2. Feeding Bras

Feeding bras/Nursing bras are more important than you may realize. These bras can work wonders when you are travelling. Feeding bras make feeding your baby easier than a normal bra which saves a lot of time. Experts suggested trying Feeding Bras from Morph Maternity that are more comfortable, and have leak proof layer to avoid any mishaps. Morph Nursing Bras are available in different styles, sizes and colours. Have them for a better breastfeeding experience.

3. Use Bottled Water for Cleansing

Cleaning your breastfeeding products is essential. Sanitation is a major issue, and should be taken seriously. To avoid extra germs and bacteria, carry hand sanitzers; avoid using public restrooms and water fountains to clean.  Bottled water is the best to use when you are cleaning products for breastfeeding.

4. Wear it Right

As a nursing mom, it is suggested to wear comfy clothes that ease breastfeeding and helps you to move easily without any worry.  Morph Maternity Wear enables you to look stylish in western and ethnic wears. The nursing option is covered with the design which doesn’t show it off. So, suitable maternity wear is a must-have for a young mom.

5. Nursing Sleepwear

For night stay, carry a pair of comfortable sleepwear with feeding options. Nursing sleepwear is a great item to have with you when you are travelling. You and your baby should be as comfortable as possible while travelling, even if it is for a short period of time. When you reach your destination, you will be glad you packed your sleepwear. Nursing sleepwear is great for relaxing, is very soothing to your baby, and provides leak protection. Morph Nursing Sleepwear enhances the comfort for the next level.

6. Being Prepared

Being organized is one thing, but you should also be prepared. If you are travelling by plane, check before your flight to see if there is a designated area that is clean and quiet for you to breastfeed. If you are travelling by car, train, or bus, look up rest stops on your route to plan when and where you will stop. Make sure you include these stops on your GPS or mark it on a map.

7. Pump Extra Milk

You can never have enough milk! You never know what can happen during your trip where it may prevent you from breastfeeding. The more, the merrier. It will be in your best interest to make sure you have enough breast milk to last the entire trip. You never want your baby to be without food.

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Many of the products you need for safe and easy travelling while breastfeeding is available at Morph Maternity. Make sure you and your baby have the things you need to have a safe and awesome trip. When you have everything you need, your trip is more enjoyable and you can focus on enjoying your little one and your surroundings.

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