Nursing Covers OR Shawls For Breastfeeding

When a new baby arrives, there is no telling when the little one needs to eat. So, lot of new mothers carry a nursing covers or shawls with them when they step out of home. Here are reasons that most moms carry such a wrap.

  • To Cover Leaks: You never know when breast milk can let down causing leaks through your tops. To cover these embarrassing leaks, a lot of new moms carry a shawl. Alternatively, Morph Maternity’s leak proof nursing bras will do the trick. They are washable, leak proof & breathable with easy drop cup or pull over nursing openings making it a must have for every mom. You can read more on leak proof nursing bras and their uses here.

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  • To Breastfeed Discreetly: When a baby is hungry, the baby has to nurse. And this can be at any time and any place, public or private. To be able to to this discreetly yet comfortably, a lot of moms carry shawls to cover themselves up.

So, carrying a nursing cover or shawl for breastfeeding becomes a requirement for new moms. Here are the pros of choosing nursing covers over shawls

Reason 1:  Light weight & easy to carry

Unlike shawls that can be heavy, warm & voluminous, nursing covers are made of soft knitted cotton fabric and are light, cool & packs compactly. That makes it very easy to wrap up and carry in your diaper bag if you get bored of wearing it. Considering the warm Indian weathers, this piece of clothing is probably going to be your best investment during your breastfeeding days.

Reason 2: Stays in place while nursing

A shawl is a rectangular piece of fabric that’s wrapped around the shoulders. It tends to slip from position even when you don’t move. They tend to slip off whether you are in standing position or in sitting position. For this reason, this is not the most efficient wrap for breastfeeding. As babies grow, they also get more active and tend to play with their hands when they breastfeed. This movement will also cause the shawl to unwrap itself. On the other hand, the nursing cover / nursing poncho has a fastening mechanism with buttons. This will ensure that the cover will not slip off whether you are in standing position or sitting down for breastfeeding. These buttons look stylish, yet keeps the wrap in place even if the little one is playing while breastfeeding.

Nursing Cover For Breastfeeding
Nursing Cover For Breastfeeding

Reason 3: Looks stylish

Morph Maternity’s Nursing Covers are made with soft fabrics with pretty patterns or solid colours and contrast buttons. Though a practical garment, you can sport it like a fashion statement too.

Breastfeeding covers
Breastfeeding covers

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Reason 4: One cover, but so many uses

The nursing cover is a versatile garment that serves so many purposes. You can

  • wear it like a stole
  • use it to cover your growing belly if you are belly conscious
  • use it to breastfeed your baby discreetly
  • swaddle your baby and even use it to
  • cover the baby pram / baby seat & use like an extra layer for the baby.
Nursing Cover
Nursing Cover


Reason 5: Adjustable to let light & air in for baby

Unlike a shawl, the nursing cover comes with a series of buttons to keep it in place. By adjusting these buttons, you can increase or decrease the room you need around your neckline. This is especially comfortable for your baby while he is breastfeeding to let in more light and air. It’s also very convenient for you to peek through the neck line to see how he is doing without exposing yourself.

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Nursing Stole Is Adjustable
Nursing Stole Is Adjustable

Having a couple of these in your wardrobe will prove to be very useful during your breastfeeding phase. What more, you can even sport it as a fashion piece post your nursing days.

Happy Breastfeeding Mamas 🙂

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