Partying During Pregnancy : Do’s and Don’ts

Contrary to what you may think (or others might tell you), you can put on a dress and party or spend time with friends during your pregnancy just like everyone else. Yes, you need to be extra cautious; however, if you take a few measures then you can surely have a great time. We have compiled a list of dos and don’ts of partying during pregnancy so that you can enjoy the holiday season!

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Dos for Partying During Pregnancy

Do ensure that there is a place for you to rest

Wherever you go, try to ensure that there is a little place for you to rest when you feel tired or need to relax for a while. It is important for your health to take little breaks in between strenuous activity, like, dancing.

Do keep some people around who can take care of you

At least some of your friends, family, colleagues or the people with whom you are partying should be aware about your state, so that if you need any sort of help, they can take care of you.

Do try to have one non-drinking member in your group

Try to ensure that you have at least one non-drinking member in your group so that they are capable to help you if you need any help; especially, if you are close to your due date.

Don’ts for Partying During Pregnancy

Don’t frequent loud parties

You should try to avoid loud parties as much as possible as loud noises put strain on your baby and would also affect your health; might cause headaches as well.

Don’t go to large parties where there would be lines for loos

You might have already realised that during your pregnancy you need to make frequent and sudden trips to the restroom, hence, try to avoid large parties where there would be long lines for going to the loo.

Don’t smoke or consume alcohol

Coming in contact with smoke is not good for your and the baby’s health; and, alcohol is equally, if not more, harmful. Strictly stop these two things; also, avoid smoking areas so that you remain far from smoke.

Don’t eat unhygienic food

Eating the right kind of food is essential for the development for your baby and also supports your health. It would not be possible for you to eat completely nutritious food at parties, but, ensure that whatever you eat is hygienic. Make your health your priority; check this blog for tips on how you can take care of your skin during pregnancy.

Don’t overdo dancing or standing in high-heels for long

There is no harm in enjoying dancing while you are pregnant, however, don’t overdo it. Try to rest in between and keep yourself comfortable and relaxed. Also, don’t stand in high-heels for long or you will tire yourself.

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We wish you an amazing year ahead with your bundle of joy 🙂

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