Tips For Building A Maternity Wardrobe

While it’s great being pregnant, most women wonder if they will have to spend a lot on maternity clothes to look good. Well here’s the thing… it’s a myth.  Invest in a few key pieces that will last throughout the nine months AND after pregnancy. Here are some tips to help you put together a maternity wardrobe that will have heads turning.

Maternity Jeans Are A Must-Have In Your Maternity Wardrobe

A well-fitted pair of maternity jeans will go a long way for you. Wear them with formal shirts for work or with casual tees for a day out. A good pair will become a pivot item in your maternity wardrobe. Just make sure that they are stretchy so you will not have to compromise on comfort. You can pair them with stretchy tops from your pre-pregnancy days. A good pair of jeans while looking stylish will give support to your belly & back.


2 in 1 Avatar Top Wear

Add a few kurtis & maternity tops that will fit you during pregnancy & later too. These are practically essentials in your maternity wardrobe. Morph Maternity’s Top Wear is designed with keeping the price-sensitive mom in mind. The Kurtis & tops are designed

  • to fit perfectly during pregnancy & post-pregnancy

    Designed To Fit During Pregnancy & After Pregnancy
    Designed To Fit During Pregnancy & After Pregnancy


  • to have hidden openings for breastfeeding discreetly

    Nursing Options
    Nursing Options


Maternity Maxis Are A Never Fail Fashion Piece

A couple of maxis dresses in your maternity wardrobe will come a long way. You will be able to use it for your maternity photoshoot & for your baby shower. Teamed with a denim jacket, maxis look great for a day out.

Morph Luxe Offer

Do Invest In Good Quality Innerwear

Maternity Hygiene Panties are a must-have for every pregnancy to stay safe from Urinary Tract Infections. You can learn more about preventing UTI during pregnancy here. Do invest in comfy night bras that work during pregnancy & nursing days. You can choose from Morph’s Leak Proof Bra series to protect you from embarrassing milk leaks.

Get Creative With What’s There In Your Wardrobe

If you feel like there is nothing for you to wear, think again. Scarfs, skinny belts & colorful cardigans can add zing to your style. Wearing your pre-pregnancy shirts unbuttoned over a maternity tank top is a good way to continue using your wardrobe from before. Adding accessories will pep up the look.


We hope all you beautiful mamas out there have a happy, healthy & fashionable pregnancy. If you would like to talk to the stylist at Morph Maternity, do reach us at We will be happy to help :).

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