What To Wear For Work During Pregnancy

If you are a pregnant working-woman and fretting about how your work-wardrobe is going to shrink over the coming months and your clothing options are going to reduce as your belly and breasts grow further, then, you cannot be more wrong because you can find beautiful clothing options in the maternity section that would help you work in style and feel comfortable as well. You can read about pregnancy dressing tips here. Morph Maternity, India’s most loved maternity wear brand, provides a plethora of options when it comes to work-wear, including –

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  • Work Kurtis – There are several formal options in Kurtis that would work like a charm for your office wardrobe during pregnancy. Made from cotton mostly, these Kurtis are one of the best options to wear to office. Available in different styles, patterns and colours, these Kurtis are very comfortable and will help you move around and work with ease in your office.
  • Formal Tops – If you prefer tops over Kurtis or your work demands more of a western-formal look than you can opt for something out of our collection of formal maternity tops and are available in different styles, colours and patterns.
  • Bottoms – You can pair Kurtis with leggings or chudidars and salwars suitable for wear during pregnancy; if you are wearing tops then you can pair them with a pair of stylish work-pants or jeans, whatever suits your taste.
  • Dresses – You can even find something that suits your taste out of our collection of stylish maternity dresses; they are available in different sizes and styles, like, with different sleeve-styles and differing lengths.
  • Shrugs – For a stylish look, you can also pair a shrug with your top or Kurti, like, this Khadi jacket, which would give you a different look. The shrugs are made from various cloths like chiffon, khadi, georgette, polyester and more.

These clothes are also very comfortable and the best part is that they don’t cause any harm to your health or the baby’s health as they are made specially to suit your needs at all stages of your pregnancy. These clothes are not very tight and fitting instead are mostly flowing and sometimes even a size bigger than your regular size so that you are relaxed and there is not too much pressure on the belly as well. This makes you feel relaxed all the time.

If you will be working for a significant time during your pregnancy then you should seriously consider investing in some work maternity clothes. One of the best things about work-maternity wear clothes is that you can not only wear them during pregnancy but also they are suitable to wear for some months post-pregnancy.

Many of the Kurtis and tops in the maternity collection are also nursing friendly which will help you in feeding the child with ease. You can read about these versatile Kurtis here. They have different designs that facilitate nursing, like, buttons on the vertical and others. Hence, you can use these work clothes for a very long time; maternity wear for during pregnancy and nursing wear for post-pregnancy.

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Enjoy your oncoming motherhood in style!

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